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Structured Cabling

Industry standard Ethernet and fiber optic cabling solution

Structured Cabling

Plugging a phone, computer or other device into a wall socket is easy. Designing and installing the cabling system behind that wall is the hard part. Network Cabling Techs works with industry-standard protocols and your business’ unique requests to build a professional structured cabling solution.

Structured cabling is a standards-based solution designed for any type of building and its current infrastructure, or anywhere cabling is required.

Structured cabling systems span from where the service provider connects to the building, to the various endpoints your business deploys. For example, installing the wiring between your telephone company and your desktop phone.


  • Stringing up cables with duct tape or other “handyman” solutions is a short-term fix, but definitely not ideal for the long-term.
  • Industry regulated solutions are easy for professionals to maintain, saving your business from otherwise costly services.
  • From installing the interfaces to tying the cables, experts know what works.

Certified Structured Cabling Solutions

Benefits of Network Cabling Techs’ Structured Cabling Services:

  • Adherence to building codes and industry standards.
  • Complete system design and installation.
  • Every inch of cabling is up-to-date with the latest technology.

About our Structured Cabling Services:

  • BICSI certified.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Industry trained and experienced.
  • Quick installation.
  • Serving Wisconsin and Illinois.

Network Cabling Techs not only follows industry standards, we continually strive to exceed them. This ensures our customers receive the best solution. Our experienced technicians won’t recommend anything that your business’ network does not need, but we will make sure your cabling system is ready for future business growth.