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Horizontal Cabling

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Horizontal Cabling

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It’s not how deep a pond is that determines how many fish can survive in it; it’s how wide it is. The greater the surface area, the more oxygen the pond can diffuse and supply to the fish. For your business’ floor, a greater square-footage means more workspace for more employees.

Horizontal cabling is an industry-standard solution for supplying network resources to workstations, devices and endpoints. Network Cabling Techs will make sure your horizontal cabling solution can keep up with your network’s demands.

Horizontal Cabling routes wires and data pathways through walls, floors and ceilings to reach your business’ various endpoints. This includes cabling from the server to computers, from the PBX to phones, and even from video conferencing infrastructures to multiple conference rooms.

Horizontal Cabling Services Overview

  • Horizontal Cabling Consultation

    Consultation and design services.

  • Horizontal Cabling Installation

    Installation of cable management systems.

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    Install any and all interfaces or connectors required.

Network Cabling Techs works daily with horizontal cabling systems. Our job is to make sure your network is completely self-sustaining and it won’t leave your critical equipment gasping for air.