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Network Design

Building the best cabling infrastructure
begins with a complete consultation

Network Design

Explorers don’t just sail by new and uncharted landmasses; they land on them. Just like any new discovery, your business’ landscape is new to us. Mapping out your business’ structured cabling system requires a comprehensive survey of the entire site. We’ll examine every aspect and every variable.

This full review of your building’s infrastructure makes sure no mistakes are made and sets up your business for future growth. Network Cabling Techs designs industry standards-based infrastructures, setting your business up for smooth sailing through installation, maintenance and migration to future technologies.

Network Design services will outline effective cabling deployment for workstations, departments, buildings, and connections to providers and endpoints. These services are also ideal for deploying a new video conferencing system, fiber optic Internet and other cutting-edge communications technology.

Network Design Overview

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    Complete site survey and cabling system design.

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    Standards-based solutions, critical for installation and expansion.

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    Any kind of wiring, including Ethernet, analog and fiber optic.

Network Cabling Techs doesn’t want you to get lost in your own network infrastructure or to end up with a system that doesn’t match your business’ communications requirements. Contact us to schedule a consultation or see how we can help your company grow.