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Network Cabling Techs' Certifications

The Gold Standard

Trained to TIA/EIA Standards

The protocols defined by TIA/EIA were developed by a group of cabling manufacturers and end users. These rules establish the groundwork for what cabling installers and technicians do when they are out in the field. A universal set of rules such as these ensures that services provided by Network Cabling Techs are easy to maintain by your business' IT department.

Network Cabling Techs trains its technicians to not only strictly follow these rules, but to exceed them. This means making smart adjustments to situations that do not fall under their guidelines.

TIA/EIA standards are often utilized in structured cabling to define the length of cables, how to install connectors and the overall layout of the cabling system.

BICSI Certified Cabling Technicians

BICSI certification is essential to cabling installers. This certification developed by the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) ensures that the installers are fully aware of why TIA/EIA standards exist, and other variables. The BICSI organization played an important role in developing the TIA/EIA structured cabling standard.

The Silver Lining

Any cabling company can say they're certified. What separates Network Cabling Techs is our approach to this certification. Years of experience has taught us to train every technician to exceed these standards. This ensures that our customers are satisfied, and any and all future problems can more easily be avoided.

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