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Work Area Outlets

Structured wiring provides outlets for
Ethernet, fiber optic or phone connectivity

Work Area Outlets

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Plugging an electrical cord into a gas-powered vehicle won’t refuel it. And pouring gasoline into an electric car won’t recharge it—in fact, that’s a good way to make sure it never recharges again. Connectivity types determine a lot more than we think and, luckily for cars, gas stations are right around the corner.

The same might not hold true for computers, phones and other devices in your business. Network Cabling Techs can install interfaces and work area outlets to give your business equipment all of the connections they need.

Work Area Outlet services include installing the cabling and the corresponding device interfaces. Plug your computer into an outlet on the wall, in the desk, on the floor, or wherever you want. We’ll make it happen.

Work Area Outlet Services Overview

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    Ethernet and IP connectivity types.

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    Analog lines for fax machines and phones.

  • Conference Room Cabling

    Ideal for conference rooms, offices and cubicle groups.

Network Cabling Techs’ services save businesses from spending money on unnecessary equipment such as converters, extension cables and other device peripherals. Outlets that seem miles down the road can now be right in front of you.