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We also offer preventative maintenance.

Network Cabling Repair & Maintenance

Our technicians can repair your Ethernet cabling or fiber optic wiring. Don’t worry about having to install new cabling; we’ll patch up the exact spot that the cable broke. Our specialists are always ready to assist with on-site cabling services.

A do-it-yourself project can also mess up your cabling system. Business owners mean well by trying to maintain their data centers by themselves, or installing the cabling on their own. Anything to save a dollar or two! But in the long run, this often catches up to the business’ infrastructure.

Every day, we see cabling systems that aren’t properly maintained or out of control. We won’t judge you for that, but we’ll help you fix it.

Call us today to schedule an on-site repair service. Network Cabling Techs also provides regular maintenance services or check ups to ensure your network’s infrastructure is healthy.

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