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Network cabling

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Network Cabling

Technology is an ever-changing science that determines how endpoints communicate with servers and service providers. Network Cabling Techs has mastered the science of building cable and wiring infrastructure to ensure its customers are always on the cutting-edge of business technology.

These network-cabling solutions are ideal for building a new network or upgrading the existing infrastructure.

Part of keeping up with the latest telephony and data innovations is in the hardware and software, and the other part is in your network. Our technicians will make sure your cabling is performing at its best both now and far into the future.


  • Provision your business for any type of data connectivity; from cash registers in retail stores, to gateways in call centers.
  • Wiring for computers and servers is our bread and butter, and we’ll make sure your network’s cabling is beyond your expectations.
  • Just point the way and we can install wiring for telephony and data endpoints in any room, cubicle and office—or wherever your desktop devices are located.
  • Expand your business’ telephony with access points for WiFi and DECT phones, or WiFi-enabled VoIP for smartphones.
  • Prepare your business for new systems such as video conferencing and call center operations with our experienced solutions.

Certified Network Cabling Solutions

Benefits of Network Cabling Techs’ Network Cabling Services:

  • No worries. We’ll install the latest innovations.
  • Strong connections between provider, servers and endpoints.
  • Multimedia and video streaming at any required speed.
  • Interference-free calling and data connectivity.
  • Industry standards-based cabling services.

About our Network Cabling Services:

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Design and installation by proven professionals.
  • Long-lasting results in no-time at all.
  • Serving Wisconsin and Illinois.

Network Cabling Techs is wired into the latest industry standards. We continually seek out new ways to improve the cabling industry and pass these innovations onto our customers. The technicians we employ and send out to every job pass a rigorous training course, ensuring the specialist we send to your business is more than qualified for the task at hand.