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Voice & Data Cabling

Ethernet and fiber optic cabling to support
VoIP, video and IP communications

Voice & Data Cabling

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“Voice and data” is an umbrella term used to cover a lot of different forms of communications. Holding this umbrella up is your network’s cabling, supplying VoIP, UC and more.

New technology can seem like a brewing storm to your existing network, slowly pushing it to its limits, until suddenly your umbrella is inside out. Strengthen your voice and data cabling, and stay far ahead of the storm, with Network Cabling Techs’ proven solutions.

Voice and Data Cabling services can help your business reinvent how it approaches telephony and infrastructure. The second that desktop computers and analog phones became a part of every business, technology was already moving forward to make them obsolete. Network Cabling Techs can help your company develop a custom communications strategy to deploy UC services, BYOD polices, and applications for wireless, video and VoIP.

Voice and Data Cabling Overview

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    Install wiring for DECT or WiFi phone deployment.

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    Fiber Optic cabling and future-proof data solutions.

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    VoIP connectivity, including for leveraging analog phones.

Network Cabling Techs will make sure there’s never a rainy day in your network’s infrastructure. We’ll also never drown you in the technical details so you always know why we’re suggesting a certain solution and how exactly it benefits your business.