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Wireless Network

Behind every great WiFi network
is a powerful cabling infrastructure

Wireless Network

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Take one part WiFi and one part do-it-yourself cabling, mix it in a bowl, then set it in the oven. What you have is a recipe for disaster that—after it explodes into a costly mess—not even the self-cleaning function can fix. Network Cabling Techs is ready to don the chief’s hat and take care of your wireless network.

Business WiFi is more than providing wireless Internet to laptops at a coffee shop (unless that’s what you need—we can do that). It’s now a means to connect workers across large warehouses and hospitals through WiFi-enabled handsets, or just to easily connect a printer to the network without having to use Ethernet. New systems are also developing clever ways to turn WiFi-enabled smartphones into remotes and VoIP extensions as part of a BYOD policy.

Wireless Network services lay the groundwork for WiFi by installing Ethernet and fiber optic cable throughout your building. Easily install wireless access points (WLANs) of your choosing across a ready, industry-standard network.

Wireless Network Services Overview

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    From consultations to installations.

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    Draw the blueprints for a new WiFi network.

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    High-capacity cabling for high-traffic areas.

Network Cabling Techs provides made to order solutions for any size building. Dress up your WiFi network how you want with a professionally designed and installed cabling solution.