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Desk Cable Management

Cleaning up phones on the desk
to hiding power strips under the desk

Desk Cable Management

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Map out everything your desktop equipment is plugged into. Phones connected to switches and gateways, computers connected to power strips and peripherals, and more.

This mess of wires and cabling can drive your productivity off the road. Reroute your desktop equipment with Network Cabling Techs, featuring services for new computer setups or for cleaning up an existing setup.

Desk Cable Management services are ideal for any kind of desk, including cubicles, offices or receptionist desks. We will make sure the cabling running to your desk is out of sight and out of mind. All you should see on your desk is the equipment and not a mess of cables interfering with your vital workspace.

Desk Cable Management Overview

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    Hide cables from phones and computers.

  • Desk Computer Cable

    Concealed Ethernet backbone for desks.

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    Simple to scale and maintain.

Rev up your workspace with Network Cabling Techs. Our services can rewrite your office’s cabling infrastructure and make sure it’s plugged in for productivity.