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Cable Management

Cabling systems for managing the mess

Cable Management

It’s a connected world, but it’s not very tidy. Network Cabling Techs offers cable management solutions for any size business and every industry. Rather than kicking those computer and network wires out of the way, let us map out a professional, long-term fix.

Our previous clients have included retail and grocery stores, small businesses and enterprises, and even warehouses.

Professional, industry-standard cable management solutions provide future-proof results. Scaling any system for growth or new equipment is easier. Maintenance time is reduced, saving you money and quickly returning your investment.


  • Install a fully managed cabling system, complete with labels, bundled wiring and even custom interfaces.
  • A messy cabling system is no system at all. Tangled and unlabeled wires can add time and expense to any maintenance.
  • Loose wiring is a definite safety hazard. One trip can cause injury and damage equipment too.

Certified Cable Management Solutions

Benefits of Network Cabling Techs’ Cable Management Services:

  • Industry-standard management.
  • From desktops to infrastructure.
  • Keep computer systems up to code.

About our Cable Management Services:

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Highly trained and courteous technicians.
  • On-time project completion on your schedule.
  • Serving Wisconsin and Illinois.

Network Cabling Techs is a team of dedicated specialists. We work exclusively with cabling solutions and we only hire experienced technicians. What distinguishes Network Cabling Techs from the competition is our time-proven commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.