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Telephone Wiring

Analog, IP and everything in between
connecting your phone to VoIP or a PSTN

Telephone Wiring

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Getting tangled in the spider’s web of telephone wiring running through your business is no way to boost productivity. Installing a new phone cabling system on your own is even worse, and it’s likely to bite you in the end.

Seek out the professionals at Network Cabling Techs for all of your telephone wiring jobs. When expert help is available, it’s better to be a fly on the wall than to be one trapped in a spider’s web.

Telephone Wiring services make sure your analog or IP phone network is up to code and your business’ requirements. We provide consultations, designing new framework, expanding existing systems, installations and more. Wherever your phone lines need to go, we’ll make sure they get there.

Telephone Wiring Overview

  • Telephone Wiring Consultation

    Phone line wiring installation and consultation.

  • Telephone Cables

    Ethernet cabling, analog wiring and more.

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    Analog connectivity to the PSTN & IP connectivity to the VoIP PBX.

Network Cabling Techs can do the dirty work for you. Connecting all of the right endpoints and making sure it’s done right the first time is a sticky job, but our track record proves that we’re the cabling pros that make sure it all goes smoothly.