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Phone Jack Wiring

FXS and Ethernet wall jacks
and all other connectivity types

Phone Jack Wiring

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A lot of good a rock concert would be if there weren’t any jacks for the instruments to plug into. The band would be red with embarrassment, anger and maybe some rotten tomatoes.

Bringing a band to a venue it can’t play in is like buying a brand new phone without checking that there’s a phone jack available to it. Luckily, there’s sound check crews, and there’s also Network Cabling Techs.

Phone Jack Wiring services will make sure your phones can connect to the PBX, PSTN or wherever your inbound and outbound calls need to go. We can fix existing interfaces and phone jacks, or install new ones. Expand the phone jacks your business currently has, from building a new cubicle to creating a whole call center.

Phone Jack Wiring Overview

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    Wiring repair or installation of phone jacks.

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    Custom interfaces including analog, VoIP and digital.

  • Phone Jack Wiring

    Build cabling infrastructure for IP and PSTN.

Network Cabling Techs is headlining professional cabling and wiring services. Repair or expand any existing telephony system, or design and build a brand new one with our band of qualified cabling specialists.