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PBX & VoIP Phone Systems

Expanding or upgrading your phone system
means renovating the cabling network

PBX & VoIP Phone System

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Behind the scenes, your business’ phone system is busy connecting calls and serving your telecommunications. When it’s time to draw the curtains on your old PBX or install a new one, it’s a good time to upgrade your cabling and wiring.

Without a respectable supporting cast of cabling and wires, any new PBX or VoIP phone system is going to have a difficult time letting your telecommunications take the stage. Take a role call with Network Cabling Techs and we’ll help you implement a better PBX infrastructure.

PBX and VoIP Phone System services promote business growth by ensuring the cabling system in your company’s building is top-notch and ready for future expansion. Properly leverage existing analog phones and legacy devices with an IP infrastructure, set up intercoms, integrate conferencing solutions, or just get a consultation from our team of experts.

PBX and VoIP Phone System Services Overview

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    Reconfigure or expand the existing infrastructure.

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    Build a new cabling system designed for scalability.

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    Install interfaces for any type of device.

Network Cabling Techs is taking the lead role for designing and installing any type of business’ cabling requirements. We’ll write a new script for your PBX or VoIP phone system and make sure it’s running smooth on an optimized cabling and wiring system.