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Directional Boring

Minimally invasive tunneling method
for drawing cabling to and from buildings

Directional Boring

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Like any good surgeon, we won’t leave your business with a terrible scar. Directional boring is a process of installing underground cabling without needing to dig up your business’ landscape.

This method is perfect for established surfaces, such as pavement or cultured lawns, where removing pieces would be pricey to repair or cause damage to aesthetic qualities. Network Cabling Techs employs a professional means of pushing piping beneath the surface and drawing the cabling through.

Directional Boring services can install cabling to connect buildings next door or across the street from each other. This minimally invasive process can be completed with Ethernet, fiber optic or any cabling type you prefer.

Directional Boring Overview

  • Directional Boring Cable

    Install cabling underground without digging up the surface.

  • Directional Boring Cables

    Projects can be completed in as little as one day.

  • Directional Boring Buildings

    Connect adjacent buildings or nearby secondary sites.

Network Cabling Techs is a team of experienced cabling technicians. While we don’t have fancy acronyms at the end of our names, we’re certified and accredited to set up your business’ underground cabling.