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Network Security

Protecting your network means leaving absolutely no part of it vulnerable to would-be attackers. The strongest armor in the world is no good to a soldier in a warzone if it leaves vital body parts open. Malicious software and hackers seeking your business’ vital information are regularly targeting networks—combing through them for weaknesses.

Network cabling should allow security devices to instantly pin down problems and not allow easy access to more hands-on attackers. Network Cabling Techs uses the latest industry standards to ensure your cabling never posses a security risk.

Network Security is largely in the realm of network devices and software, not cabling. Making sure your cabling is up to date does enable these solutions to pose more of a presence on your network. Security measures are enacted quicker, compromised devices can be shut down or removed with ease, or the entire network can be upgraded more efficiently.

Network Security Overview:

  • Cabling design based on your existing security measures.
  • “Invisible” cabling that cannot be plugged into.
  • Standards-based cabling offers many built-in security features.

Network Cabling Techs won’t knit faulty or flawed cabling into your network’s structure. The cabling we use is a strong fit for networks of every size, from small businesses to enterprises.